Reignite Your Relationship 5 Day Quest

Congratulations !

You’re nearly there. There are two more steps to take before you’re ready for the Reignite Your Relatioship 5-Day Quest.

First, you’ll be getting an email in your in-box asking you to confirm your email address. Just click the confirm link, and you will be ready to receive the daily emails that will tell you exactly how to see each day’s video lessons.

THEN, be sure to join our Facebook Group. That’s where you’ll find the daily prompts, and where you can post your questions and get answers during the challenge. It’s also the place to meet the other fabulous participants in the Quest,  and get their support as well as make lasting friendships.

Remember, you will need to join the group in order to complete the Quest.

Just click on this link to go to the Facebook Group and sign in. Once you have joined, be sure to go to the Introductions section and introduce yourself.