“How to Have FIGHTS That Bring You Closer Together”

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Discover the exact steps to follow to transform disagreements into relationship- building conversations.

  • Put an end to painful fights that never resolve anything.

  • Replace hurt and anger with understanding.

  • Enjoy greater trust and closeness – even after fighting!

  • Leave the fight knowing that your relationship is stronger than ever.

What Changes Can You Experience Working With A Relationship Coach?


Together for years? Having problems that get in the way of enjoying the deep, caring and enduring partnership you desire? Here’s the good news: whether you work with me individually or as a couple, working with a relationship coach can make real, positive changes that will take your relationship to a new level. Those changes can include:


  • Developing a new appreciation of each other and your relationship

  • Changing from fighting to partnership

  • Communicating with true understanding on both sides

  • Shifting from emotional distance to closeness and intimacy

  • Working together to resolve old problems in your relationship once and for all

  • Renewing or deepening physical intimacy

  • Taking on those “elephants in the room”

  • Addressing and creatively resolving problems in the moment instead of waiting until you are ready to explode

  • Understanding and Recovering from infidelities





What is a Relationship Coach?


A relationship coach provides a powerful alternative to conventional marriage and couple counseling.

The tools and techniques used by a relationship coach may vary, depending on the training and experience of the coach. For example, I use a broad range of tools developed through over forty years of practice and training.

There is no need to travel to come to my office. You work from the comfort of your own home using either phone or, if you prefer, a video connection.





What Are The Problems A Relationship Coach Deals With?

These are just a few examples:

  • It seems like even the smallest disagreement can spark a hurtful fight.

  • Your partner has become cool and distant.

  • Your partner doesn’t really get what you are trying to say.

  • You feel constantly criticized and put down. Or your partner does.

  • Your partner never speaks about feelings, leaving you constantly guessing.
  • There is little or no passion or physical intimacy any more.
  • Your partner isn’t taking on a fair share of the household and family tasks.

  • You are trying to come to grips with a betrayal or infidelity

If you recognize these problems, please realize that it is completely normal. It takes work for two people to share their lives, and most couples face challenges.

The important thing is to realize that these problems can be resolved, often more quickly than you could imagine.


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Working Together on Your Relationship

Whether you are working with me as an individual or with your partner, here’s what you can expect:

  • We work together as collaborators, aiming at enriching every aspect of your life, especially, but not exclusively, your relationship. I believe that coaching is a relationship of equals, not of an “expert” and a “client.”

  • If there is something affecting your relationship that is not just between the two of you, for example a stressful job, we will work on that as well.

  • We work in an atmosphere of caring and compassion, always looking to build on the best of you.

  • I hold everything you tell me in the strictest confidence, in keeping with the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.

  • You set the goals that we work on together. There’s no “one size fits all” approach for relationship coaching.
  • Many people choose to work with me as couples, but I also frequently see just one partner. Often, it just takes one partner changing their approach to a relationship to make a big difference.