What my clients are saying



Making the decision to work with a life and relationship coach is one of the most important commitments I’ve ever made to myself. And I am thrilled that I found Stephen Day to be my coach. He is a gifted and effective coach. who has helped guide me to do the important work of confronting myself and understanding how I get in the way of my life satisfaction.

Stephen keeps me focused on my priorities, but prompts me to reflect and regroup when my priorities start to shift. He also intuitively understands when to pause the work to help me analyze feelings or thoughts that hinder clarity and happiness.

I find that the opportunity to work regularly with Stephen brings focus to how it is I want to live my life. He consistently assists me to achieve incremental growth and teaches me to think and act proactively in pursuit of greater life satisfaction.”

Amy Lamitie

 Professional Education Development Consultant,  Educational Leadership Coach

“Stephen Day has been my life and relationship coach for many years. His professional, compassionate and insightful guidance has been a crucial component in the development of my life.  As an actress married to a theater director, life in the arts can be unpredictable and highly stressful to a marriage. Stephen’s skill and support remains at the core of his successful assistance to myself and my husband now of 15 years.

Stephen offers actionable tools to open lines of communication and understanding not just for the moment, but as a guide for future growth.”

Elizabeth Ann Townsend

Actor, Playwright, and Acting Coach